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Greetings. Many thanks for your interest in SRI SUBRAMANYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (SSCET).

There has been an incredible growth of Technical Education services in India during last three decades. This has met the desires of students and parents alike. The need of employers has also been addressed in terms of quantity of graduates being produced. SSCET is committed to a vision to prepare our students to accept the challenges of life by providing them quality education for their highbrow and open growth, the focus being on one goal 'success'.


  M.Sc., M.Phil., MBA., M.Phil., MA., PGDCA., B.Ed., Ph.D., DCP.,
Prof. Dr.S. Rajasekar, director of SSCET gained Doctoral Degree in Management from Bharathiyar University. The area of his Research interest is well recealed in his thesis “Internet information and business application: An Indian Experience”. It won acclamation as the best Higher Research Performance at the international level and was published by the German Publication House. He has been a star performer in the field of education, for over two decades. He has specialized in on-line Management Learning and Training systems. He is actively involved in updating and offering course for M.B.A. studies.

He is an active member in Management Studies and Science Curriculum Board Development Committees, Board of Studies and Board of Examiners of the Universities of Tamilnadu. His writings have produced creative and thought provoking vibrations in National and International journals. His voice is too familiar to the audience of International and National Seminars.