The central library of our college serves as a power house of knowledge and also serves as a resource center with a comprehensive collection of books and journals useful for the faculty and students of our institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge. The central library is adopting “Open Access” system which enables the readers to go to bookshelves and select books and other resources by themselves freely.

The users are facilitated with the Library Portal to access all information needs. The Library Portal can be accessed through the link sscetlib.wordpress.com from anywhere inside the campus with systems connected to the Local Area Network or Wi-Fi connectivity. Web Online Public Access Catalogue (WebOPAC) facility has been enabled and linked to the Library Portal for search of print books and e-books. All transactions are automated to save the precious time of the users. A compulsory library hour is included in the student’s time table to benefit the user community.

There are more than 9500 titles and 24000 volumes of books available for usage. Apart from books, 145 print journals and magazines are subscribed. Separate Back Volume section is maintained There are more than 345 subscribed online journals and above 10000 Open Access Journals directly linked to the Library Portal. Video courses through NPTEL is available for ready reference.


The Digital Library equipped with 10 systems and internet facility for online search and learning materials. All the leading daily newspapers (English, Tamil & Malayalam) of our country are regularly subscribed in our Central Library , For more details Please Click Here sscetlib.wordpress.com


» Our Library aims to be one of the best among Engineering College Libraries in the World.
» Our Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards student And faculty.
» Our Library intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge.


» prepare men and women to contribute as Dynamic Engineers and Citizens through the Innovation, Integration, Application Transfer of Engineering Knowledge.
» To be recognized as a world class Engineering College Library that provides excellent learning materials timely and accurate information in various print and non print formats.
» A knowledge doorway to accessing resources and life long learning center.

» The campus offers separate hostel for boys & girls.
» The food provided in the campus is healthy and double menu system is being adopted to have varieties.
» The rooms are well cleaned and aerated. It is a home away from home for students here at the hostels.

» Application for admission to the hostel shall be made in the prescribed form. An applicant will be admitted in the hostel with the approval of the Warden / Principal.
» Every student before he is admitted to the hostel must give an undertaking in writing that he / she will submit himself / herself to any rules & regulations imposed by authorities.
» This shall be endorsed by the parent / guardian also in the attached declaration form. At the time of admission, the applicant should remit the fee as prescribed by the college.

M. Vengainathan (II Year) of Civil Engineering Department won one bronze and two silver medals at 3rd ASIA SILAMBAM CHAMPIONSHIP held in MALAYSIA on January 22 & 24 2016. View Gallery
Our Team Won Third Prize at "17th Zonal" held at Race Course Stadium, Madurai. View Gallery
Our Team Won First Prize in "Sakthi Memorial Trophy" held at Natham on 06.02.2016. View Gallery
State Level Junior and Senior Women Weight Lifting Held on 09.12.2015. View Gallery
Our SSCET Kabadi Team Won "17th Zonal" First Prize held on 08.10.2015 and 09.10.2015. View Gallery

» Necessary equipments and facilities for regular practice.
» Gymnastic equipments provided in our college.
» Fee concession to the students admitted in the sports quota those represented national, State, Divisional and District level tournaments after evaluation.
» Uniforms to the participants at free of cost.
» Special prizes to the University, State and National participants.
» Daily allowances and traveling allowances for participants in tournaments with on duty.
» Hand Ball, Foot Ball, Hockey, Volley Ball, ball Badminton, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Chess, Carrom, Cricket, Tennikoit, Badminton, 400 Track also available.
» Regular summer camps for all the Games and Sports
» Various exercises, advanced skills, techniques and formations are being taught during the practice session.
» Special coaches from outside also arranged for conducting coaching camps.
» The department provides ample opportunity to the students by sending them to participate University, State, district and College level tournament and also friendly matches.
» Intramural tournaments are conducted every years.
» Prizes and certificates are given to the winners and runners-up and an over all championship trophy is also awarded to the winning team.

» Vivekananda Auditorium is the venue for all conference, seminars and cultural activates.
» It is provided with all the essential amenities like Acoustic Sound System etc., It can accommodate 1000 persons.

» The class rooms are fully air-conditioned and provided with latest teaching aids such as multimedia projector and interactive board.
» Ergonomically designed furniture are used to avoid fatigue of sitting for a longer period.
» Staff uses E-tutoring system on need basis and E-Notes are provided to the students for their reference at a later time.

» The regular students have an access to college bus at any point during the college days within a radial distance of 100 Km. from the institution.

Route- 1
Price A.M P.M
College 09:00 05:10
Chithiraikulam 08:55 05:15
Papampatti 08:45 05:25
Kolumam 08:40 05:30
Komaralingam 08:35 05:35
Uralpatti 08:25 05:45
Udumalpet 08:20 05:50
Bodipatti 08:10 06:00
Pallapalayam 08:00 06:10
Kurichikottai 07:50 06:20
Route- 2
Price A.M P.M
College 09:00 05:10
Thalayam 08:55 05:15
Vayalur 08:50 05:20
Madathukulam 08:45 05:25
Krishnapuram 08:40 05:30
Udumalpet 08:25 05:45
Poolankinaru 08:20 05:50
Gomangalam 08:15 05:55
Pallapalayam 08:00 06:10
Thippampatti 08:10 06:00
Kolarpatti 08:05 06:05
Unjavellampatti 08:00 06:10
Pollachi 07:50 06:20

Route- 3
Price A.M P.M
College 09:00 05:10
Vandivaikal 08:55 05:15
Aayakudi 08:45 05:25
Kanakkanpatti 08:40 05:30
Virupachi 08:20 05:50
Oddanchatram 08:15 05:55
Puthuchatram 08:05 06:05
Semmadaipatti 07:55 06:15
Reddiyarchatram 07:45 06:25
Muthanampatti 07:40 06:35
Dindigul 07:30 06:40
Route- 4
Price A.M P.M
College 09:00 05:10
V.K.Mill 08:55 05:15
Karamadai 08:50 05:20
Palani 08:40 05:30
Puliyampatti 08:30 05:40
Uralpatti 08:25 05:45
Thoppampatti 08:10 06:00
Keeranoor 08:00 06:10

Route- 5
Price A.M P.M
College 09:00 05:10
V.K.Mill 08:55 05:15
Karamadai 08:50 05:20
Mannur 08:35 05:35
Korikadavu 08:30 05:40
Nall Road 08:25 05:45
Perichipalayam 08:20 05:50
Alyankiam 08:10 06:00
RTO Office 08:00 06:10
Route- 6
Price A.M P.M
College 09:00 05:10
V.K.Mill 08:55 05:15
Karamadai 08:50 05:20
Palani 08:40 05:30
DSP Camp 08:30 05:40
Puliyampatti 08:25 05:45
Mariselambu 08:20 05:50
Poolampatti 08:15 05:55
Vagarai 08:05 06:05
Porulur 07:55 06:15
Kallimanthaiyam 07:45 06:25

» A fully air conditioned Seminar Hall serves as venue for Recruitment Programmes, Interviews, Personality Development Seminars, Association Meeting etc.